Children With Special Health Care Needs

The Department of Special Education and  Student Support Services  is the section of the school system that provides the support services aimed at removing health barriers to teaching and learning for children with and without disabilities. It has both a central and individual school-based component and encompasses areas including health services, academic guidance, mental health supports, health education and other areas that directly or indirectly support a child’s academic achievement.  The school nurse is expected to sit on these teams and provide interpretation of medical/health data

Individual Educational Plans

  • There are numerous reasons why a child may not be succeeding in school. Identifying and addressing these in the most effective manner requires a dialogue between school, home and the concerned clinician.
  • The School Nurse should provide medical information to the support team as requested and within the medical record guidelines as established in the Student Record policy.


  • Some patients with complicated medical issues may be eligible for accommodations under Section 504.
  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities. Section 504 applies to all programs and activities that get federal money, including local school districts and Head Start programs and district-supported after school programs.
  • Many health accommodations can happen without a formal plan, but families have the right to request a more formal evaluation. The Individual Collaborative Health Plan (ICHP) provides the school nurse/support team with information that will guide the team in providing accommodations, including the Individual Health Plan (IHP). By signing the  document, the parent/guardian consents for  the school nurse and the child’s clinician to discuss planning for management of the student’s health issues.Other documents may be attached (ie Asthma Action Plan, Diabetes Care Plan, Sickle Cell Care Plan) that add more detailed direction to development of the child’s individual  plan