Community Clinician

Medical providers now have an easier way to contact schools and support parents in addressing the health needs of their children during school hours. Forms , explanations of school health protocols, location of schools, and school nurse contacts are all here in a quick, easily accessible format. The home page Recent Posts , alerts you to any new health developments that may need to be addressed in school, such as new immunization requirements or pandemic flu concerns.

FORMS  (Includes HIPAA/FERPA compliant consents to share information, Home and Hospitals (tutor), Children with Special Needs Accommodations (ICHP)

NURSE CONTACT (by school- phone and email)

MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION (process of requesting  special transportation,, guidelines for determining eligibility)


General Resources

Communication Matters is a guide for families, clinicians and schools to assist in communicating and managing  the complexities of children with special health care needs