Purpose of the Protocol and Procedure Manual

The Protocol and Procedure manual is a guide and reference for Boston Public School nurses to use in implementing school health and medical services in the city of Boston. It provides an overview of the protocol and procedures that are pertinent to school nurses. Included are Massachusetts Department of Public Health laws and regulations, Boston School Department policy, as well as best past practices that have evolved and remain consistent with acceptable standards by school nurse practice.

“School Nurses must stay up-to-date in their clinical practice so that they are prepared to plan and provide high quality care, train others to provide care (when legal and safe to do so) and evaluate the outcomes of care. They must access continuing education that is relevant to their clinical practice. School nurses must insist on learning new skills or updating  old ones, as needed, prior to accepting responsibility for providing care to a a student.” This will always be a professional expectation to maintain clinical competency and quality of care and is reinforced by the school nurse standards of practice.

 The goal of the Manual is to standardize and sustain the high level of commitment Boston school nurses have to the Boston Public Schools Health Services philosophy and to the students themselves. It serves as a ready reference and informational manual relative to the role of the school nurse, reporting standard public health procedures and requirements of the law.

This document is divided into <<  >> sections . There will be links to information both internal and external to this website.All sections of this manual are designed as quick reference with major points bulleted. At the end of sections are ‘symbols’ to direct to the specific policy, additional information or forms.

 F  –    Denotes that there is a handout or form included in the form section

 S –     Denotes the BPS policy linked with the protocol, which can be located online

 M    Denotes a Massachusetts regulation

 O –    Indicates more information included in the appendix or end of the section

  I-      Refers to Health Services Administration, the central office team.

It is also the intent  to provide nurses working in the school setting with a set of emergency care guidelines that can be utilized during the delivery of care to an ill or injured student. The Guidelines for School Nurses Emergency Management   ( )  is a collection of protocols used in emergency situations and is a product of Illinois Schools. This should be downloaded to your  desk top for easy reference in an emergency and the protocols should be reviewed each year prior to scvhool We have reviewed these protocols and feel that they meet our needs for actual emergency protocols. If there is a procedure that is idiosyncratic to Boston Public Schools it will be further discussed in Boston Policy and Procedure manual. You should also download  the Boston Public Schools Emergency Preparedness Protocol in its entirety. This BPS Circular outlines the districts response to community disasters and school threats.