Medical Transportation

Eligibility for   transportation, based on physical health issues, is determined on a case-by-case basis. The decision takes into consideration the student’s overall educational  needs ,  the student’s medical disability and the extent to which the disability impacts the ability of the child to get to school in the same manner as his or her peers. The decision may not be based on convenience factors and must be in  accordance with an existing Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan. All discussions about eligibility begin at the student’s school , as the place that knows the student and understands his/her  educational needs. The school department does not provide transportation for healthy students whose parents have a medical need  but will work with the parent to  find a solution.

Those students who feel that they meet eligibility criteria for  door-to-door or corner-to-corner transportation for a medical condition must first contact their school nurse and provide him/her with a letter from the student’s primary care provider stating the medical need, in addition to the Individual Collaborative Health Plan which should be a joint document between the child’s primary care provider, the parent(s) and the school nurse. The school nurse will then review and discuss with the parent, and if found eligible, fill out the request and forward the appropriate documents to the health services department for submission to the transportation department. A note from a physician does not automatically guarantee that the child is eligible for transportation. Please note that once the request is submitted to transportation, it will take  at least 10 days to reroute a bus.If there is a question about medical need, please contact the school nurse or  the  Health Services office.

Students with Asthma

If you are seeking medical transportation due to asthma, please be aware that transportation is reserved only for the most severe, persistent asthmatics.

At minimum, the student must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Has had an inpatient hospitalization in the past 6 months, while compliant with medication
  • Has had >3 ED visits in the last 6 month, while compliant with medication
  • Spirometry / PFTs are persistently suboptimal, while compliant with medication
  • Has had an ICU visit in the last 6 months, while compliant with medication

If the student does not meet any of these benchmarks, he/she does not qualify for medical transportation.

If you believe that your child fits this criteria, you need to have the student’s primary care provider complete the Asthma Transportation Guidelines form in addition to the Individual Collaborative Health Plan. Then you need to speak with the school nurse. A dialogue between school nurse, the student’s clinician, and the parent is essential to the appropriate management of the child with asthma. No transportation request will be granted without this communication.

Please see the Superintendent Circular on Medical Transportation for more detailed  information.