Condom Accessibility

All BPS high school students shall have available to them key resources and services that are developmentally appropriate and support sexual and reproductive health in a safe and supportive environment. This includes access to free condoms, along with health education and both onsite and off site counseling and reproductive health services.

What resources are available in my school?

All High Schools  have a CAT- Condom Accessibility Team.  The  Team is comprised of school staff who are comfortable with providing developmentally appropriate support to students around sexual health, as well as distributing condoms. All discussions are confidential. Parents can opt out their child from receiving condoms, but by Massachusetts law, students have the right to receive confidential counseling and support for sexual health issues.

Click here to view  CAT  public service announcement, written and produced by BPS students

Additional school health resources will vary from school to school. The Adolescent Medicine Referral Manual provides detailed information to assist in referring to the city”s adolescent medicine programs.Each school nurse will be able to provide their students with confidential, one-on-one sexual and reproductive health counseling. Some schools have access to School-based Health Centers, and Health Resource Centers.

School-Based Health Centers

School-based health centers are operated by either the Boston Public Health Commission or neighborhood health centers. They offer routine health care and acute care services, including mental health counseling and sexual & reproductive health care. This includes STI/pregnancy testing, options counseling, access to contraceptives/condoms, treatment for STIs, and comprehensive routine health care.

Health Resource Centers

School-based Health Resource Centers are overseen by the Boston Public Health Commission. They provide students with individual counseling, condom access, and STI testing and treatment for gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

How do I exclude my son/daughter from condom accessibility?

All parents and guardians should have received condom opt out letters in the mail that will allow them to exclude their child from condom access in the school-setting. If you have not received an opt out letter or if you would like another copy, you can download a copy below. Please fill it out and return it directly to the principal if you wish for your child to be placed on the condom opt out list.

Please keep in mind that while students can be excluded from condom access, they cannot be excluded from sexual and reproductive health counseling. All high school students, under Massachusetts Law, may seek confidential health services for sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy without parental notification. 

The staff in Health Services will be glad to discuss the Massachusetts confidentiality regulations in more detail. Informed parental involvement is critical to a student’s understanding of sexual health.

Condom Opt Out Letters

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