Boston Public Schools recognizes the important relationship between health and academic success. A variety of health-related factors have been shown to have a significant effect on school performance. School nurses play a vital role in promoting the health and safety of young people and helping them establish lifelong healthy behaviors.

There are currently over 100 Boston Public School nurses working in 125 schools across the city. Using clinical knowledge and judgment, our school nurses provide health care to students and staff, perform health screenings and coordinate referrals to the medical home or private healthcare providers.

Fast Facts on BPS School Nursing!

The following data is representative of a typical school year.

  • The nurse (full-time equivalent) to student ratio is about 1 to 559
  • Each school nurse has an average of 3,250 student visits each year!
  • 93.4% of students that visit the school nurse return to the classroom, which means more time on learning!

Medication Administration

Nurses administered over 100,000 doses of prescription medication!


Nurses and health paras performed:

  • 22,785 Hearing Screenings
  • 27,081 Vision Screenings
  • 14,406 BMI Screenings
  • 6,555 Postural Screenings

Treatments and Procedures

School nurses performed nearly 77,000 procedures and treatments including:

Diabetic Procedures

  • nearly 18,000 blood glucose tests
  • over 6,000 carbohydrate/insulin calculations

Respiratory Procedures

  • over 15,000 lung auscultations
  • over 4,000 oxygen saturation checks

Gastrointestinal / Genitourinary Procedures

  • over 8,500 nasogastric tube feedings and tube cares
  • over 3,800 catheterizations / catheter care


Nurses gave over 1,200 wellness and safety presentations, reaching over 21,000 students, over 5,500 staff members, and over 400 members of the community

Case Management

Our nurses also performed a significant amount of case management including:

  • over 100,000 communications with parents/guardians
  • nearly 42,000 communications with school staff members
  • over 9,000 referrals to primary care providers

Want to know more? Check out our district’s Essential School Health Services Report for more information!