May is National Nursing Month

 School nurses are a hidden source of free health care in this country. According to BPS 2014-2015 data
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Keeping students healthy and safe
  • Boston Public School nurses had over 381,000 visits from students, and that is without having a full-time nurse in every school. Some nurses, particularly those in elementary schools, cover 2 schools.
  • 94.5% of students visiting the nurse’s office with an illness, injury, behavioral or emotional complaint were returned to the classroom after nursing intervention so that they could continue their academics.
  • A student visited the school nurse on average 0.71 times per month in 2014-2015, nearly a 15% increase since 2011-2012 when the average number of visits per month was 0.62. (Does your insurance cover you seeing your PCP every 5 weeks?)
And school nurses keep the staff healthy as well.
  • The total number of staff visits was 9340, reflecting an increase of 48.4% since the 2011-2012 school year. In 2014-15, more than 4000 doses of medication were administered by school nurses to BPS staff; 7310 nursing procedures were conducted for staff.

So Boston parents and BPS staff- give  a shout out to your school nurse during this month of MAY  national acknowledgment of the powerful service school nurses provide to keeping students in school and able to learn.

For more information: 5 ways nurses benefit the school (1)