Parents, please help health services support your child’s health needs…

The school nurses need accurate health information!
  • Please let the school nurse know if your child has any medical conditions.
  • If your child has a life threatening allergy and needs  an Epi- pen, the school needs to get an order and the Pen needs to be provided.
  • If your child has dietary needs, the school nurse needs to know. Some dietary needs, require a doctors order. Without this, the food services can’t provide and be reimbursed for the free school meal. These are federal regulations.
  • All medication orders require doctor’s orders. The medication needs to be in a pharmacy labeled bottle.
  • If your child has newly enrolled or has updated immunizations- please inform the nurse. We are required by Massachusetts regulations to ensure that all children are up to date. The state recommends suspending from school if immunizations are not up to date.
  • Student athletes cannot practice without an up to date physician/nurse practitioner clearance on record.  This is another state regulation. Physicals are valid for 13 months. Please call ahead for an  appointment for a physical as it often take months to get an appointment. If the 13 months runs out during the season, the student will not be allowed to practice or play.
  • All requests for transportation due to medical conditions begin at the school with the support team. The special education coordinators and the school nurse are team members and can help you understand the process. A doctors note describing the medical issues and making a recommendation, is only one piece of evidence that is factored into the determination for eligibility. For more information  see the Medical Transportation section of this website.